Tax Saving Tips For The Future

With just a month left to complete the tax exercise, there is still time to make investment decisions, which will help balance the accounts with the Treasury. While tax planning is not a matter left to the last minute, there are formulas with which you can deduct the tax base from income tax. Contributions to pension plans and the amortization of mortgage are the most valuable, also becomes necessary to reduce the impact of taxation on capital gains that may have been harvested throughout the year for financial transactions.

Pension Plans
Pension plans are the most widespread financial planning for retirement and have substantial fiscal stimulus. The limits apply to the sum of individual contributions, employment, mutual welfare, pension insurance and insurance agency. The tax reform has created the individual systematic savings plan (PIAS), which, according to experts, can be a perfect complement to pension plans to retirement. It has an attractive tax system, since gains are not taxed if the product is rescued as an annuity, and after a minimum of ten years.

No matter if you have one day to another or over the years. Taxed at a common rate of 18% applies to profits made on the Stock Exchange or the hiring of deposits, investment funds, current accounts, fixed income and housing. The new tax system clearly has favored short-term capital gains. Investment losses leave a loophole with which you have to soften the impact of taxation on profits. The new income tax provides compensation mechanisms between gains and losses but with more restrictions than in the previous tax regime.

House purchase
15% of the amount invested in the purchase, rehabilitation, expansion and construction of the residence may be deducted from the full share of the income tax on a maximum of $9,015.18 per year. What contributed to the savings account has the same housing deduction. The landlord may deduct all expenses related to repairs, maintenance and financing of rental housing, even if the cost exceeds the net revenue with the lease.

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